Spain vs. Ireland at Yankee Stadium

A Taste of the World’s Favorite Sport

The bright and happy sun shone over the Bronx early Tuesday evening, scaring the storm clouds away. My cousins, uncle, and I stepped over puddles and dodged the New Yorkers who called this foreign place “home,” while a train roared over our heads. Walking alongside us were fans of both the Spanish and Irish national soccer teams, all heading for the same destination: Yankee Stadium.

Yes, we went to Yankee Stadium for the first time in our lives…to watch a fútbol game, an exhibition match between Spain and the Republic of Ireland. And boy, was it amazing!

Our seats were in the clouds (not really, but we were high up), and we looked down at the world champions of the most popular sport on Earth. The baseball field-turned soccer pitch boasted a beautiful green with clean white lines, ready to be gracefully occupied by players running, passing, dribbling, kicking, scoring, and saving at 8 P.M., sharp.

Acrobatic kicks in the air, masterful headers, curved corner kicks seemingly defying the laws of gravity, and jaw-dropping saves–we saw it all. Though technically only an exhibition match, Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium was an experience and taste of the world’s culture.

…and mmm! It was delicious!


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