The Finals: Reaffirming My Interest

Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs
Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs logos from

I’m starting this post at halftime after witnessing Tim Duncan, No. 21 of the Spurs, dunk one-handed (and one-footed) as if he’s the exciting, young guy his team is planning to build around when the veterans retire. He’s actually 37-years-old and a four-time champion. With a win tonight, he’ll have one ring for each finger on his hand. The San Antonio Spurs lead the defending champions, the Miami Heat, 3-2 in the 2013 N.B.A. Finals. They closed the first half on a 17-4 run.

Jump to postgame–Miami won 103-100 to force a Game 7. There was no way to type eloquent sentences while the game was going on (well, unless your Tzvi Twersky). Commercials never felt so short! Every time I expected something to go one way in the fourth quarter, it went in the opposite direction–and fast! Blocks, missed three-pointers followed by offensive rebounds and made three-pointers, overtime. I can honestly say it was one of the best games I’ve ever seen.

Composure–haha, what’s that? I was screaming and caps-locking and laughing and flipping out watching the final few minutes and overtime of that game–and boy, did that feel great.

In the earlier games of this series, I zoned in and out. I wasn’t focused on what was happening and frankly, I didn’t try. That scared me. These past three years in college, I thought I finally figured out exactly what interested me–basketball. So much so, I started this blog and wrote to SLAM in an attempt to turn my so-called love and passion into a career. And recently, at what’s supposed to be the most exciting time of the year for basketball fans, I felt I was losing that ever-so-valuable interest.

Game 6 on Tuesday night changed my mind. Those three hours were an awesome good time! I enjoyed a game between two teams that I’m not a fan of. I had a blast watching, tweeting, and reading other’s tweets during every timeout. I wasn’t bored or tired…I was having fun and loving every second of it. Thank God.

This post is a reminder to myself there’s a reason I love this game. It sounds silly, I’m sure, to some people. But this sport makes me happy. It’s an actual thing I like that exists. No one forces me to like it, and that’s a big deal for me. I never considered myself super outspoken or passionate or interested in much when I was younger. The dreaded “What are your hobbies?” remains difficult for me to answer, but I’m compiling a list to satisfy that question…and satisfy myself.

The most recent game in the N.B.A. Finals reassured me this whole watching basketball hobby-type-thing is–forgive me for using this term, ugh–legit.

San Antonio and Miami, bring on Game 7! I’m ready.


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