A Legacy in the Making

LeBron James - 2013 Finals M.V.P.
LeBron James, 2013 Finals M.V.P,
AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Well….this sure is overdue, isn’t it? Oops.

About 10 days ago, the 2012-2013 N.B.A. season officially ended with the Miami Heat beating the San Antonio Spurs to win back-to-back titles. Yes, LeBron James won the M.V.P. and claimed his second ring. I let my “beef” with James die a couple years back, but I still wanted to see Tim Duncan & Co. grab one more Championship. Even last year, I rooted for Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder to take home the ultimate prize. It’s not so much rooting against LeBron or his team, but that South Beach fanbase like argh. They bug me. And obviously, I’m generalizing. I know Heat fans who are cool and actually like the game of basketball, but I can’t deal with the frontrunners.

Regardless, the frontrunners and true Miami fans ended the season satisfied once again. The Heat showed heart in the best game I ever saw, Game 6, and Game 7. They showed heart earlier in the season too, during their incredible streak that lasted 27 games.

As long as LeBron is in the League, he’ll deal with pressure, noise, scrutiny, criticism…all of that. As pointed out on The Michael Kay Show, every tweet, sports broadcast, and news article tears his game apart whenever he touches the ball. All eyes are on him, all the time. He knows it. Last year after winning his first ring, he admitted all that media frenzy got to him. This year?

Soon after the above interview with Doris Burke, the media asked questions to players and coaches at the postgame press conference to snag some juicy and attractive quotes. To wrap up his interview, James told the reporters,

“Please continue to motivate me. I need you guys.”

Some people say LeBron called all the criticism and haters to himself, that perhaps it’s the price he ought to pay for The Decision, for being rich, famous, and talented. I can’t see how that’s fair. He’s still a person, like we’re all people. Obviously life isn’t always fair, but LeBron isn’t letting that diminish his legacy–a legacy, which unlike this season, is far from over.


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