In the Good Ol’ Summertime

Metta World Peace on the Knicks
Photo credit: Knicks Google+

The current Knickstape doesn’t look exactly like the roster from a couple months ago. Summer is a time for trades and signings, resulting in a lot of new faces at the Garden and old ones elsewhere. Let’s see what’s been going on (in chronological order)…

1. Kidd, No Longer a Kid, Retires

On June 3, Jason Kidd announced his retirement. He earned the respect of fans, players, and coaches around the League. In 2011, he won a ring with the Dallas Mavericks, the team that originally drafted him in 1994. It was a blast having him on the Knicks during the regular season, and I was ecstatic to have him wearing the orange and blue since he signed last summer. At 40-years-old, Kidd decided to retire after a 19-year playing career, but don’t forget about him just yet…

2. Coach Kidd?!

Yes, that’s right. A week and some after his retirement, the Brooklyn Nets hired Kidd as their new head coach. Kidd played for the New Jersey Nets from 2001 to 2008, and he led the team to two Finals appearances. His former coach, Lawrence Frank, is now an assistant coach for the Nets. Former teammate Jason Terry will now play for him. And so will Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. It’s all very interesting and kind of unreal because I still think of Kidd running the point in a jersey, not courtside in a suit.

3. Hardaway Jr. Is NY-Bound

With the 24th pick in this year’s NBA Draft, the Knicks selected Tim Hardaway Jr. (who’s a few months older than me), the youngest player on the team. His father works for the Miami Heat and was a player for the same team in the ’90s. At that time, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Heat was intense. I wish I was old enough to remember the details and the history, but I guess I have to do my own research and keep up with the new twist the Knicks created at the draft this year. I don’t mind though, I want to learn more about the game from before I started following it–because I missed out on A LOT.

4. “Flight” White Waived

Well, yeah. The guy averaged 7.6 minutes per game for the season. To be honest, that number seems high. I feel like I hardly saw him on the court. I wish I witnessed him leap and dunk and do all the great things he’s capable of, but such is life. Apparently, he won a ring with the Spurs in 2007–so there’s that! And, he can do this:

5. Bye, Discount Double-Check

Steve Novak, Q-Rich, Marcus Camby, plus a few picks were traded to the Toronto Raptors for…

6. Hi, Il Mago?

Il Mago, The Magician, is the nickname for former Toronto Raptor and now-New York Knick, Andrea Bargnani. I honestly don’t know what to say about this trade, so I’ll let Frank Isola do the talking.

7. World Peace in New York City

Most recently, the Knicks signed Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest, on July 3. I never really cared for him much, but there’s this thing that happens to me when players become Knicks–I automatically like them more. Metta’s a character, that’s for sure. And he plays defense, a category in which the Knicks always need reinforcement. So welcome back (he was born in Queens), World Peace!


2 thoughts on “In the Good Ol’ Summertime

  1. World Peace + Melo, don’t know what the Knicks organization was thinking, they’ll end up like 10/35 from the field with those 2.

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