Rutgers Parking Permit

Back at It

The hang tag on my college parking permit now says 2014. I am in the class of 2014. That means this is the last year of my undergraduate experience.

I’m not crying.

It’s sort of weird I didn’t flip out yet. Maybe it hasn’t hit me? Or maybe that close to $300 parking permit took more of a toll on my emotions, and since it was the last time I’d need to purchase it, I was relieved?

Or maybe it just hasn’t hit me. Yeah. That’s probably it.

My final fall semester started yesterday, on a jam-packed F bus. It was a pleasant surprise to see many familiar faces in my only Tuesday class. I forgot that classes involve homework though…might be a task getting used to that again.

All in all, I’m ready for school. I don’t have a choice now, but it feels kind of good to be busy after the four months of summer break.

In more newsy sports news: EuroBasket 2013 tipped off today! I hope to publish a post about that after I figure it all out. I have some research to do.

Hope everyone’s school year goes well! And if you already completed that stage in life, I hope whatever it is you’re doing is beneficial and fun. :)


5 thoughts on “Back at It

  1. Aww I can’t believe ur graduating this year! And then I can’t believe I’m a junior and I’m gonna be in Rutgers in 2 years inshAllah! In my head, I’m still in 8th grade. Have you started your internship yet? How’s that going? And yeah, 10 weeks of absolutely nothing to do has made me pretty lazy haha. I’m ready to go back and see all my friends again. But for me, it’s not until next week haha

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