I had a class Wednesday in which my professor emphasized the importance of online etiquette. Read what you’re about to post out loud to make sure others don’t misinterpret your words.

And always be respectful of others.

It really, really bugs me when “professionals” using Twitter and other social media act immature or talk degradingly to others online. Stop. You’re making yourself look like a narrow-minded, judgmental, and jerkish know-it-all.

No one likes a know-it-all.

Publications that talk smack to one another online and in print and encourage their writers to do the same are a gross representation of journalism, along with the reporters who can’t keep their opinions separate from the facts in live broadcasts.

A silly tweet or comment can be all in good fun, but if a person reads your reply as rude—and that’s his or her first impression of you—you aren’t helping yourself. Sure, making one random reader angry if you’re a big shot in the media world doesn’t really matter, but it was enough to inspire me to write this post, and add something to my mental list of online do-nots. So actually, maybe I should be thanking you. Maybe.

The worst thing is when people degrade others because they’re trying to be funny. Allow me to let you in on something that’s not a secret at all: YOU’RE NOT FUNNY. YouTube comments—don’t even get me started. What good will come out from you winning an online argument anyway?

Last, if someone is a newbie in terms of being a freshman at your school, new hire/intern at your workplace, a first-time fan of your favorite sport or team, why you gotta be hard on ’em? You were that freshman/new worker/first-time fan once. Why not be a friend instead? The two of you obviously have at least one thing in common.

Okay, that’s all. I will continue to watch some EuroBasket 2013 games that spark my interest, no matter what a sports writer has to say about my likes and preferences.


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