Opening Night

This Is the Night

I don’t think I turned the television set in my basement on since the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Championship in June. This is my basketball-watching basement. Not much else happens down here, unless you count laundry.

We fans have been counting down, and tonight the countdown hits zero. The 2013-2014 NBA season tips off in just a few, if God so wills.

First, the NBA on TNT guys live from New York City talked up a pre-game show storm. Summarizing the moves that took place in the summer, Shaq, EJ, Kenny, and Chuck (and guest Mike Breen!) got everyone up to speed.

The Ring Ceremony from Miami starts right now. The Heat players and coaches are set to receive their Championship rings, and the American Airlines Arena will raise its third banner. This all leads up to the main event of the night—the opening tip, the Miami Heat host the Chicago Bulls, and yes, Derrick Rose returns.

Once again, it’s finally time.


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