Tick Tock

I’ve been sort of surprised with myself this semester so far. It’s my senior year, and I’m not freaking out yet.

Earlier this week, I registered for my last semester ever. That didn’t sound like a huge deal to me on Monday night as I typed in a few course index numbers, which is very odd. A year and a half ago and even earlier this year, I thought I’d never be able to handle being a semester away from the rest of my life. Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

It’s funny actually. The friend I mention in the latter link above is the one I finally got to catch up with today. After a really long time, we got to sit, chit chat, and eat fro-yo (my friend took the lovely picture you see below).

The topic of graduation came up…but I don’t know, it all seemed unreal. We talked about a bunch of things we didn’t do yet and campuses we didn’t explore, and that’s when it began to hit me: time is running out.

I have one semester left, if God so wills.

It hit me more when I wandered through the library stacks, trying to locate a couple books to use for my next paper. There are so many books, all in one place. For me. I wish I read more. I wish I came to this library more to walk around and look at the titles in the shelves.

I found the two books I needed, and get this—I actually checked a third one out for my own pleasure. No grade relies on my reading of that book, but it sounded interesting. With the thin sliver of moon shining magnificently against a dark sky—providing just enough light to see where the puddles remained from the rainfall earlier in the day—I was in the mood to flip through the pages of On Love.

I walked out to my car, and it hit me a little more. This campus won’t feel like mine for much longer. That computer won’t be the one I  print from, that corner won’t be my study spot, and that space won’t be where I park my car. I mean, none of that was ever mine. It was shared. But soon, it will no longer be shared with me.

This college experience is fleeting, and what we do here can either harm or benefit our futures. This life is fleeting too, and what we do here will either harm or benefit us One Day.

What more is there to say?


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