#NBABIGXMAS Giveaway Prizes

This Friday Night

Have I mentioned how much I love Twitter giveaways?

Early this morning, I saw @NBA tweeted a link to the official rules of their #BIGNBAXMAS Twitter giveaway. I scanned the list of 26 entry periods to see what the prizes for each were. I made mental notes of the timings, switched tabs, and went back to my Friday SLAM work.

I came up short for the Knicks-related giveaways throughout the day, but prize No. 25 on the list, scheduled for 6 P.M. my time, looked handsome—a signed Stephen Curry jersey. Why not, right?

The human behind the NBA’s Twitter handle posted the question for Curry’s jersey, and it was about his 54-point performance at the Garden. That’s the very same game my brother and I attended earlier this year (after winning a pair of tickets, hehe). I had to answer. 

I submitted my tweet and went back to work on a final paper that’s still currently on hold. When the 20-minute entry period was up, my phone dinged with the sound it does when someone I follow mentions me in a tweet. I glanced over.

And then I flipped out.

I guess there’s a funky looking short-sleeved signed Stephen Curry jersey on its way to my doorstep! :)

Wish that shot chart didn’t come up twice in this post, but I can’t seem to get rid of it. Ah, well. Appreciate the efficiency of “The Can’t Miss Kid” we shall. 


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