Picture Me Writin’

SLAM Debut
Kobe Bryant gracing SLAM #175 and #24, side by side.

The SLAM issue currently on sale is #175. Before I got my copy in the mail, I went in to the office to get a rundown of some new content I’d be responsible for compiling. Not too long into my mini-training session, Sir Ed-in-Chief handed me a copy of the latest mag with a closeup of Kobe Bryant’s face.

Inside was what he termed my “debut,” in a section titled Picture Me Ballin’ featuring some 200 words about a pair of under-the-radar players and my byline. I think my eyes lit up a bit as I took the copy.

Before flipping through the pages to see, I refocused on the task at hand: learn to navigate Getty Images and a tiny bit of Photoshop resizing to put together some new content on SLAMonline. Every Friday, you can now expect the 10 Best NBA Photos of the Week and the Top 15 NBA Tweets of the Week, God-willing. Click the links for the first round of posts.

It’s always on the train ride home that everything hits me. I sat by the window and tried to take a picture of #mySLAM. Realizing I couldn’t get the perfect angle, I stopped and let it soak in. I’m still letting it soak in now—after each sentence I type, I pause and stare at my laptop screen.

There’s nothing left to say really, except الحمد لله.


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