I learned a lot of things in college—about my favorite subjects, what my favorite subjects actually were, the world, life, myself…the list goes on. Those were four wonderful years in which I got to know and learn from people I’ll never forget or regret meeting. All thanks is due to Allah.

So college is supposed to prepare you for the so-called Real World, a world I definitely wrote about before. I don’t think I’ve fully entered into The Real World yet. Instead, I think I’m in some kind of transition period—working from home a couple times a week, writing, and still living under my parents’ roof so as to not worry about any adult problems like money and stuff. Again, all thanks is due to Allah.

One of the most important things I took away from college is a trait and skill I feel is essential to success—no matter how you define success—confidence.

Confidence is key, or at least, one of the keys. It’s believing in yourself, your skills, and your abilities. If you’re not convinced you’re cut out for a certain role, why should anyone else be convinced?

Whether in the professional, academic, personal, or some other sphere—you need to be confident you have what it takes to accomplish a certain task. When I finally allowed myself to acknowledge I’m good at something, only then did doors of opportunity show themselves. It’s really easy to notice how great everyone else is, but it’s important to realize you’ve got something special to provide the world too. Once you muster up that confidence, go out there and get whatever it is you’re looking for!

Confidence isn’t just knowing you can be good at something, however—it’s also knowing when to ask questions. If you really don’t know the answer or how to do something, don’t let your confidence turn into arrogance. It’s okay to ask questions, and it’s okay to admit you don’t know. Asking for help takes confidence too.

I find my confidence levels fluctuate. Some situations cause me no anxiety at all and other situations…well, it’s not pretty. Build up whatever skill set you may need to accomplish your goals, you know, prepare. Then when you’re as ready as you’ll ever be, go out there with confidence and trust in the Most High for an outcome that’ll be the best for all involved.

This post was inspired by Webucator, an online learning company, as a part of their Most Marketable Skills campaign. Webucator reached out to bloggers to write about what they felt was the most marketable skill. While I chose confidence, I think we can all agree proficiency in Microsoft Office is an awesome plus. You can check out some of Webucator’s free MS Office classes here.


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