My Favorite Things

This is a post inspired by @godgivenly and her words from some time back.

The past two and a half weeks, I’ve been meaning to write this. But whenever I got the time to do it, I wasn’t in the happiest mood—and obviously I should be really cheerful when writing about all my favorite things.

That was stupid.

It probably made more sense to reflect on all my favorite things in one of those down moments, a way to uplift my spirits or something. That being said, I’m totally neutral right now. Not sad, not cheerful. It’s a gloomy day and feels earlier than 9 A.M. because the house is still, and all I can hear are the birds outside and the sound of my fingers tapping the keys on this keyboard at what’s probably a pretty average and unimpressive speed. (Edit: I’m about to publish, and now the sun is out and my nephew is babbling while rolling around in his walker.)

Right so, my favorite things.

Biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie (or three) a few minutes after it’s taken out of the oven.

The cold glass of milk that follows the same path down my throat.

The sound and smell of the rain.

Accomplishing the day’s tasks, and keeping up the good habits for the entire week for the first time in a long time.

A great hijab day.

Shared smiles with the nieces and nephews. And cousins. And siblings. And friends. And parents.

Hugging my mom.

Verses that really hit you.

Tears resulting from the thought of something true and meaningful, and especially from a rekindled Connection.

Buzzer beaters.

People standing up for what they believe in, people pursuing their passions.

Memories, but also moving on from those memories.

Smiley faces from editors.


The celebration after a goal, and the relief after a save.

Bubble tea.

Black. Navy blue. Burgundy.


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