My Friend In Med School

A little while back, someone from a company sent me an email about National Girlfriends Day. I’d never heard of this day, but I wasn’t surprised. Thanks to Rhett and Link, I know people celebrate “National ______ Day” for some very random things…

But my understanding is that National Girlfriends Day is a day to celebrate female friendship, that irreplaceable sisterhood. The girls I’d call my friends are some awesome people—they connect, care, laugh, and listen in a way others simply don’t. One of my friends is currently in medical school (Masha’Allah), and she always tells me the interesting things she learns about the human body. What she studies truly fascinates her and increases her faith in the Creator. Her eyes light up as she talks about the subject, while I listen amazed. I’m usually more amazed at how much she loves the subject than the actual facts (which are still eye-opening nonetheless).

Every now and then, my friend will ask me if I got my blood work done or how my iron levels are doing. I’m kind of horrible…I never go to the doctor’s office. Alhamdulillah, I haven’t had to due to any emergencies. But the regular check-ups and blood tests…somehow I’ve managed to get out of them more than once. And obviously that’s not a good thing, and obviously I need to change. I just don’t know when exactly.

But in the spirit of my friend in med school, I thought I’d share what that company shared with me about National Girlfriends Day. This infographic provides a roadmap for women, telling them what they should pay attention to in their bodies to maintain good health. Now, I’m no expert…but if you have questions about something in that infographic (like I certainly do!), I think my girl-frand in med school would be happy to explain a thing or two. :)

So I guess this is Happy National Girlfriends Day! Take care, ladies.


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