#Blessed: Cousins

This post is a part of a series called #Blessed, an effort to recognize a blessing in every day. 

Every New Year’s Eve, my cousins and I would spend the night together. I don’t think any of us actually cared that the digit at the end of the year was increasing by 1, but it was an excuse to hang out. We all had off, so let’s have a sleepover, play games, eat, and perhaps get someone to confess an embarrassing story or two.

This past New Year’s Eve was the first I spent away from my cousins in a long time. A few days before the 31st, I asked if they had plans (I’ve moved out of state so I wasn’t able to attend). They were, as tradition would have it, gathering at one of my cousin’s houses to not watch the ball drop and not witness the awkwardness that was CNN’s broadcast. My plans this past New Year’s Eve consisted of sitting in my apartment, hoping to get some chores done before nightfall (which didn’t exactly happen). I was supposed to be unoccupied by the time my cousins FaceTimed me, but we discovered I can easily chime in Taboo answers while folding some laundry.

The audio wasn’t as clear as it would’ve been sitting in the same room, but that FaceTime-turned-Google Hangout was so immensely appreciated Saturday night. Don’t get me wrong…I love where I am now, Alhamdulillah, and wouldn’t have it any other way—it’s just sometimes, you can’t help but miss what you once had at your disposal. One quick text sent during a period of downtime (or more likely, in an attempt to procrastinate) and within a half hour or so you found yourself at the nearest frozen yogurt spot with people who make you laugh, who’ve seen you cry, and who’ve never failed to be your best friends.

I could easily dedicate a post to each of these four cousins I’m thinking of (and may very well do that over the course of this project), but today, I wanted to recognize the group, which as of yesterday has been dubbed: the dope bagels (edit: okay, the name has since passed). I love how some of you are gung-ho about grammar and some of you don’t give a care in the world but pretend to, how you are dedicated to your prayers even if it means using a scarf off the rack at Macy’s, how you rub it in my face that you ate cookies without me, and how you always keep me a part of the group even though I’m a state or two away.

Alhamdulillah, these cousins are my sisters, my best friends, my go-to text message/Snap recipients, and above all, beautiful blessings from Allah.


3 thoughts on “#Blessed: Cousins

  1. Awww MashaAllah this post is so sweet! The second to last paragraph made me laugh! Thank you for always being there for me and helping me get into the mind of a certain professor lol. Can’t wait to see you InshaAllah!

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