#Blessed: Lots of Fruit

This post is a part of a series called #Blessed, an effort to recognize a blessing in every day.

Any visit to our parents’ homes or their visits to us result in love, laughs, and lots of fruit. I would’ve just finished picking out the bunch of bananas that weren’t too green or too yellow to last us a certain amount of days earlier during the week at the grocery store, when I’d be hit with another bunch—or two—upon seeing the ‘rents. Our breakfast or lunch would be “forced” to include a banana each day to ensure no wastage. Even with us eating a couple everyday, there’d still be three or so left over that turned too mushy to get down.

An online recipe search would give me a use for the still-standing three brown-spotted bananas: muffins. Never had I made them before, but now was the time to try. Alhamdulillah the overripe fruits turned into a delicious breakfast or late night dessert (and probably a regular recipe with all the fruits that end up in our house).

More recently, my mom gave me a huge bag of grapes. We’re only two people, and the grapes were well on their way to mushy status. We ate all we could over the week, and with a long travel plan ahead of us, what were we to do with the remaining fruit? Jam? More than one jar in the fridge already. Sorbet? Eh, not feeling it. Fruit leather? Hey…that’s a childhood favorite my parents would buy for me from the Pathmark next door. Let’s give it a shot!

After only a half-hour or less worth of prep (plus four hours in the oven, lol), I got myself an awesome, healthy, and nostalgic snack. I’d be surprised if lots of fruit ever pose a “problem” for us again.

Alhamdulillah for those overripe bananas and grapes sitting around that I initially wished hadn’t found their way to my counter and fridge. I learned a couple new recipes, ate some yummy snacks, and avoided wasting food. Plus, I came to realize how versatile fruit can be.


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