#Blessed: Snow

This post is a part of a series called #Blessed, an effort to recognize a blessing in every day.

“Snowflakes falling real slowly, everything looks so pretty.”

–Arthur Read, of course

Ah, snow. What a sight it is, really. When I looked out the window this morning, (which is hardly a view of the sidewalk four stories below due to a theater wall adjacent to our building) I saw flurries. They floated around, trying to make their way to the ground below.

Snow, simply put, makes me happy. Maybe it’s the childhood (and teenage-hood and young adulthood, let’s be honest) excitement that resulted from a school closing due to too much white on the roads. Even now well-removed from my schooldays, I seclude myself to the wondrous indoors when snow falls, admiring from afar in the warmth of my fuzzy blanket and perhaps with my fingers wrapped around a cup of chai.

Other memories of snow include:

  • Sitting in a circle on the carpets of the masjid on Jumuah with my high school English class due to a busted heater in our room.
  • Not immediately realizing my next door neighbor/cousin was attempting snow angels when my mom and I saw her from our kitchen window lying on the ground outside.
  • Turning on the clock radio or News 12 to hear my school’s name announced on the please-be-on-it closed list.
  • Skipping the first day of my final semester in college because I didn’t want to endanger myself driving in the snow.
  • Attending a friend’s wedding ceremony as the next day’s huge storm began flurrying its first snowflakes outside the masjid.
  • Printing wedding invitations on the floor of my living room with envelopes surrounding me as I looped videos of my soon-to-be nephew making a funny face and attempting to vanish quarters into thin air.

I do, I love the snow. Yes, driving in it freaks me out, and no, I’m never the first person to initiate a snowball fight or suggest we shovel the driveway…but it is kind of beautiful. It’s a beauty that falls straight from the sky, only when and if Allah wills. And that’s a sign I feel very blessed to witness, Alhamdulillah.


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