#Blessed: Scissors

This post is a part of a series called #Blessed, an effort to recognize a blessing in every day.

My hair is pretty prone to split ends. I can spend hours analyzing individual strands for a tear, while some YouTube video or lecture plays in the background. I’ll position myself by a window that’s well lit with sunlight, get the playlist ready, keep a pair of scissors handy, and get to work.

Now I know you’re thinking, what the…? And that’s fine. I understand this is probably weird. I don’t know when this habit of cutting my split ends started, but it certainly has become a Thing. Even right now, I’ll finish up a few sentences of this post, run my fingers through my hair, and hold up the ends against the light of the screen to see if any strand needs a snip as I brainstorm what the next words should be.

All the split ends are definitely an indication I’m due for a trim. But until that cut is scheduled, there’s an odd satisfaction that comes with removing my split ends, and scissors make that possible. Alhamdulillah. (They’re also great for cutting tags off new clothes, opening a snack bag, arts and crafts, etc…but you knew that already!)


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