#Blessed: Bubble Tea

This post is a part of a series called #Blessed, an effort to recognize a blessing in every day.

I love bubble tea.

It all started when one of my friends took me and a couple other girls to a bubble tea place a few minutes’ walk from campus. I’m not exactly known for trying new things, but I took her word for it and ordered a mango bubble tea. She, of course, was fasting and decided to take the rest of us out for what would be the start of something new: a bubble tea addiction.

It was so good.

I was hooked. I became a regular at the little hole in the wall bubble tea spot. Pretty soon, the owner knew my exact order. I’m not sure if she even knows my name—but when I walk in to her sweet smelling store, she happily says hi and correctly guesses, “Strawberry mango bubble tea, with milk and tapioca, no ice.”

I smile to confirm her guess, pay, and pick out a straw as she concocts the frothy goodness. Within minutes the bubble tea is ready. And so am I.



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