It’s Time To WIN, or GO HOME.

Ending my day by watching NBA basketball at its best in both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals has been nothing short of entertaining. The match-ups are sick: West- San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC leads 3-2; SAS faces elimination tonight on the road) East- Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics (Cs lead 3-2; […]

The Knicks’ Season Survives

In my last post about the Knicks, I was hoping the boys in orange and blue were gonna pull off a miracle and steal Game 2 in Miami.

Unfortunately, the Knicks couldn’t snag the W; instead, they lost 104-94. After the game, Amar’e Stoudemire apparently punched the glass protecting a fire extinguisher out of frustration and cut his hand pretty badly, resulting in stitches and his sitting out in the Knicks’ Game 3 loss at home. Every Knick fan was like, “smh, bro.”

The NYK came into today’s Game 4 against the Miami Heat down 3-0, facing elimination from the playoffs. Losing would mean a second straight year of a Round 1 series sweep. It would also add on loss #13 to the longest losing streak in NBA Playoffs history.

The Knicks hadn’t won a playoff game in over 10 years, and many expected Miami to sweep them away today…including me. I found the first half to be extremely dull, but I was relieved the Knicks had at least kept the score close.

The game became significantly more entertaining during the second half. I was at the edge of my seat, throwing my hands in the air, fist pumping, and talking to the TV. It was fun to finally feel GOOD watching a Knicks playoff game.

What didn’t feel good was witnessing yet another injury causing a player to go down. Knicks’ guard Baron Davis was rolled off the court on a stretcher with a dislocated right patella in the third quarter. Davis’ knee injury added to his personal list of pains and the league’s as a whole. SO many guys are down and out: Iman Shumpert, Jeremy Lin, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Ricky Rubio, Wilson Chandler, Dwight Howard, Kendrick Perkins, and there’s definitely like 20 more players I’m forgetting…

While Davis lay on the stretcher, I actually gained an ounce of respect back for LeBron and D-Wade. They nudged Baron’s head and arm as a “Get well soon, Buddy” gesture. I really like good sportsmanship and people being kind to one another.

The crowd applauded Davis, and the game continued. The score remained close, fouls were committed, free throws were missed, free throws were made, triples were hit, timeouts were taken, and the score of 89-87 was finalized as Dwyane Wade’s jumper came up short.

The Knicks came away with the win–Broomthe playoff win–the first playoff win in 11 years and the first Knick playoff win I’ve ever seen live as a fan. It was a win that dodged death–the Knicks have lived to play another game.

So put the brooms back in the closet Miami, because the Knicks aren’t getting swept this year.